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in Twin Falls, Idaho


Our professional recording studio has all the tools that you need for your next hit album, voice-over, or ADR. 

Isolation Booth and Live Performance Room

Looking for professional music studios for rent?

Our spaces are climate controlled, meaning you can work in comfort and focus on your project. We offer multi-track recording, and a full mic locker, tape machine, and speaker information upon request. 

The Isolation Booth is 8X7 feet, and it was designed for solo vocals, voice overs, and solo instruments. The Live Performance Room is 12×16 feet and perfect for bigger groups and recording soundtracks for albums, videos, films, and more.

Isolation Recording Booth

Midnight Productions Studio offers the Isolation Booth to capture the essence of the performance and the Live Performance Room to capture the resonance of the sound, with top-of-the-line editing and mixing software. These recording studios in Twin Falls, Idaho are designed for quality audio production and client satisfaction. 

Isolation Recording Session

Editing and Mixing

Professional Audio Engineers

Midnight Productions Studio’s professional audio engineers deliver quality editing and mixing services, including audio recovery from poorly recorded or damaged media materials. 

Offering hundreds of post-recording FX and processing options, Midnight Productions is the studio for your project. 

The main four DAWs we use include: Digital Performer by MOTU, Logic Pro, Reason and Pro tools.

What are DAWs? DAWs, or Digital Audio Workstations, are music production software that allow for audio recordings on personal computers. They are used by MPS’s professional audio engineers for audio recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and more.

If you’re looking for recording studios in Twin Falls, Idaho to record, edit and mix your audio, Midnight Productions Studio is the place to call!


Duplications and Conversions

Copy and Convert

Midnight Productions Studio not only has music studios for rent – we also offer copy and conversion services for a multitude of different media formats. We can take your old 8-tracks, vinyl, cassette tapes, and 8mm’s and turn them into modern forms of media like a digital file, USB flash drive, or CD.

Keep your memories safe and up to date with the times by using Midnight Productions Studio’s duplication and conversion services and give us a call today.  

Cassete Conversions

Off-Site Recordings

Quality Recordings To-Go

Midnight Productions Studio also offers off-site recording services which include setting up recording studio equipment outside of the studio to capture the surrounding environment or the specific sounds necessary for the client or project.

Recording off-site is beneficial for large, multi-track recording projects at off-site venues, speeches, ceremonies, concerts, pageants, theatrical performances and more! We also offer live/post mixing services, with digital/analog formats available to our clients as well.

Midnight Productions’ off-site services and recording studios in Twin Falls, Idaho are available for any questions you may have – call now!


Lets make music together

With over 40+ years composing a variety of different styles, including R&B, country, pop, Christian, and more, Midnight Productions Studio has the experience and qualifications to work with you on your upcoming projects.

Don’t have a musician? We have the personnel to work with you on instrumentals, no matter if the project is for a song, show or film – we’ve got you covered! Our recording studios in Twin Falls, Idaho offer more than just music studios for rent – let us help you on your project’s journey.

Previous compositions of ours have been used on TV shows, short films, and music albums. Be sure to check out our portfolio for more examples of our quality work. 

Music Composition Services

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