MPS Pro Group was started over 20 years ago as Midnight Productions with Luis Vargas. He had a vision to bring the highest caliber of production quality to Southern Idaho. Through his video and audio productions, he created a business that served most of Idaho all on his own.


Then in 2015, it evolved into Midnight Productions Studio with the addition of Kris Irish.  Adding a skill set for live events and installations that allowed the business to grow rapidly and spread to a national level. Then in 2017, it evolved yet again into MPS Pro Group with the addition of Jesse Maher and Ty Culbertson. Adding design, websites, event management, IT and phone systems to an already robust offering of services.


Ultimately, technology continues to change and evolve rapidly, so too will MPS Pro Group. Always learning and adapting to be at the forefront of technology and productions nation-wide. All these skills and technology are brought to our customers in a professional, approachable and individualized manner. We don't believe in a one system fits all mind set. We work with you to find the right fit for your company, event, system and needs.