Sound Check

Professional training for your church staff

Mega-Churches to Mini Churches

Some churches are blessed with knowledgeable staff, some church's have self-taught volunteers and some have volunteers who have had no previous experience. Whichever category your church falls into, we think there is an overwhelming desire for those running your sound systems for more training.


So our company has started a new personalized training program we are calling "Sound Check". It's an exciting church-focused sound system training program. This 3 hour program will have the pros doing hands-on training with your sound crew at your church on your equipment.


On top of the hands-on training, this new program also includes a complimentary "tuning" of your sound system. Finally, your "Sound Check" will also feature the pros coming to your worship team's rehearsal to help advise your staff and provide helpful tips to make your worship team and system sound the best it can before they take the stage in front of your congregation.

1st Hour- Training

Your staff, your equipment

  • The professionals teach at your church on your equipment
  • Get pro tips and tricks
  • Advice on how to mix for your church's unique situation and setup
  • One hour of training with as many staff members as you want. Additional training is available as needed.

2nd Hour- Tuning

Full sound system tune-up

  • Our professionals will do some tune up and adjustments to your system
  • Offering easy fixes for long standing problems
  • Get rid of those buzzes, clicks and pops
  • For those with digital consoles, get a template setup to easily get back to the pro's setup.

3rd Hour- Sound Check

The pros help sound heck your worship team

  • The pros will attend a worship team rehearsal, and help EQ and setup your mixer for your band
  • The professionals will stay to help offer tips and recommendations for mixing your specific group

Budget Friendly

Get your staff the training they deserve

  • This new program was designed with tight budgets in mind.
  • Don't hesitate to get a free quote for your staff to receive training by local professionals with over 20 years of experience.


Every church's need is unique and specific, call or email us to talk about your needs.


For more information or for a quote for your church, please contact us.


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